About Us


Bedfordview Pre-Primary School is an Association of which each parent is a member. The Association is a non-profit organisation. A Board of Governors is elected for a period of three years at an Annual General Meeting. The Board of Governors is responsible for overseeing the development and sound financial management of the school.


Bedfordview Pre-Primary School has been a member of ISASA since 1999. ISASA is a Section 21 company which represents more than 360 independent schools in South Africa. ISASA schools share a commitment to quality, value-based education and uses its expertise to protect, promote and serve independent education in four broad categories: Education; Policy and Legislation; Information; and Finance and Employment.


The Parent’s Committee is a body of parents who work together to improve the facilities of the school and organise occasional social events. Parents are invited to make themselves available for election to the Parent’s Committee.

We have a formal interview with the parents to discuss the progress of each child. It is very important that parents attend this interview. Written reports for each child are issued during the year. Parents are welcome and encouraged to discuss any matter relating to the welfare of their child or the school with the child’s teacher or the principal.